Maplewood Community Adopt a Park Site

Welcome to the Adopt a Park Site Project!  The Maplewood Green Team is proud to introduce the Maplewood Family Adopt a Park Site Program.  All of Maplewood's Public Parks have been divided into sites that are small enough for a single family or group to conduct a trash clean up in about an hour.  By adopting a site, each group is agreeing to clean their site at least once a month.  Every adoptive family or group will be listed on the “Maplewood is Green” website next to the site description for the site they have adpoted.  Each group must have an adult over the age of 18 who will be present at the cleanups. 

To adopt a site, please select an available site from the list.  Once you have selected a site, please email program coordinator, Tracey Woods,, with:

1) The name of your selected site, example Memorial Park, Site 7 

2) The name of the adult who will attend clean ups, along with email address. 

3) The name of your group or family as you would like it to appear on the “Maplewood Is Green” website next to the description of the site you have adopted.  

Once it is confirmed that the site is available, you will receive a confirmation email, your group's name will be listed on the website, and you can start your cleanups.   Collected trash can be placed in trash containers at the parks, and we encourage recycling. Your family will probably want to bring trash bags and gloves to minimize trips to the trash cans.

Look for sites at:

To read more about it, check out these articles in the Alternative Press and Patch.

Banner photo courtesy of Kathryn Huang Photography