Adopt A Park Site Program --  Maplecrest Park

Choose your Maplecrest Park site from the options below and send your selection to to Tracey Woods at

Site Descriptions:

  1. Adopted by Coutier Ave. Association - Sidewalk on Oakview Rd. to the fence marking the Ball Field
  2. Adopted by Kathryne Hall, Jon Lindsay and family - Ball Field to Path
  3. Adopted by Gabriel, Jamie and Chris Tarrow and Nicky Lazar - Area between Ball Field and playground
  4. Adopted by Dave Cleghorn - Skate Park and Surrounds
  5. Adopted by Chad Brown and Monty Smith - Tennis Courts and Surrounds
  6. Allison and Jack Kalsched - Ball Field and area from Fence to Sidewalk
  7. Adopted by the Arnold-Berkovits Family - Playground and area between walks
  8. Adopted by Ane, Victor, Esa, Julian, Oliver, Amina, and Sofia Jones- Ball Field and area from Fence to sidewalk
  9. Adopted by the Enrights - Tree Field area to Borden Pkwy North
  10. Adopted by the Ranieri Family - Tree Field area above Borden Pkwy North
  11. Adopted by Daisy Troop 20712 - Hilton Library Grounds, East side
  12. Adopted by the Hawkins Family - Hilton Library Grounds, West side

Maplecrest Park is located on Springfield Avenue

Map of Maplecrest Park

3 baseball/softball fields, 1 playground, 4 tennis courts, 1 park building, 4 picnic tables

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