After Indiana: Will tech CEOs force action on climate too?

When Governor Mike Pence agreed to rewrite Indiana's new "religious freedom law", he did so not just because equality activists had been outraged.

He did so because CEOs (lots of them) threatened to pull money (lots of it) and jobs (lots of them) out of his state.

Marriage equality, gay rights and religious freedom are not, typically, core TreeHugger topics, so I'll refrain from offering my thoughts on the Indiana bill in particular. (Although anyone who knows my biases will probably guess my opinion.) Still, I think there's an important green lesson to be learned from this kerfuffle: As the tech industry, the insurance industry, investment groups and others start to get more vocal about the threat of climate change, there's a good chance they'll shift the political landscape.

From IKEA's massive investments in renewables to Verizon getting serious about solar, more and more businesses are taking significant action to green their own footprint.