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Maplewood Environmental Resource Inventory, August 2006

Curious about the wildlife to expect in your neighborhood?  You can find that information here.

Want to know about the different amenities at the parks around town?  You can find out at this link.

Curious to know which part of town is in the Rahway River watershed and which part of town is in the Elizabeth River watershed?  Just click here.

All of these things can be found in the Environmental Resource Inventory or Natural Resource Inventory.  It's a compilation of texts, tables, and maps about the natural resource characteristics and environmentally significant features in our town.  You can find out which fish are native (Pirate Perch), and which are exotic (Goldfish!).  Or you might learn that some local species are endangered (Indiana Bat, Northern Goshawk)  and some are increasing (Carolina Wren, House Sparrow).  There's even a listing of our Cultural Resource Inventory (the Jonas Ball House, Pierson's Mill).  When you have some time for browsing, go over to the Maplewood Township site and see what you can learn about your town.  


Banner photo courtesy of Kathryn Huang Photography