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Business Waste Recycling

If you work for a business or school that generates a lot of food waste each week, you may be interested in ways to recycle this waste, in a commercially viable way.

The food waste your business or school generates can be collected by specialist food waste recycling companies, who will turn the waste into compost, garden fertilizers or even vehicle fuel. Haulage companies charge less for the transport of organic waste than they charge for general trash, so your business can save a lot of money if you separate organic waste and arrange for it to be recycled.

The Hyatt Regency Hotel in Princeton started recycling organic waste from its restaurant and reduced their annual running costs by over $10,000. Click here, for details.

The following businesses in NJ collect food and organic waste for composting, biofuel production or making farm animal feed. Any organization that generates a lot of organic waste (paper, food and garden waste) can save money on their overall waste disposal costs by using a specialist organic waste hauler.

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