So many goals...

Environmental Advisory Committee

We here in Maplewood have so many people working on so many great projects.  The Maplewood Environmental Advisory Committee goals set their goals for 2017. 

1.    Maplewood’s Climate Action Plan: Develop the next phase of a climate action plan based on an assessment of local progress since 2007 and new understandings of role local communities can play in moving to a “decarbonized” energy economy.  Discuss and develop strategies needed to move the township in this direction with other local stakeholders including those involved in municipal planning, business, real estate, and remodeling trades contractors and residents in general.   Cooperate with regional partners and Sustainable Jersey to develop strategies at the county and state level in light of potential new opportunities in 2018 and coming years.  Ongoing work in this area: 

a.    Solar Challenge: Through May of 2017.  Continue to experiment with ways to facilitate households and businesses going solar. 
b.    Residential and Commercial Energy Efficiency: Continue throughout the year to encourage energy efficiency upgrades and in particular those whose incomes make them eligible for the Comfort Partners program
c.    Municipal Energy Use: Provide the ongoing tabulation of municipal energy use and encourage local participation in NJ Clean Energy Program tools where feasible including the Local Government Energy Audit program and Energy Savings Improvement Program.  Support exploring the feasibility of solar canopies in the Pool parking lot.

2.    Rahway Greenway: Support efforts to pick up the pace of development of the Maplewood portion of the Greenway.  Encourage the development of engineering–quality designs that can be implemented when funding is available.  Contribute to the process of locating sources of grant funding to finance construction.  

3.    Parks and Playing Fields: Continue supporting ongoing work by DPW and others to incorporate advanced techniques for natural field maintenance.  

4.    Revise and Update the Maplewood is Green website: Launch the new website early in the year and develop and implement strategies to keep the site up-to-date and lively.

5.    Leaf collection: Work with DPW to evaluate the 2016 pilot bagging program and help develop plans for changes to the leaf collection program for fall 2017 if feasible.

6.    2017 NJ election issues:  Develop an understanding of critical environmental issues at play in the 2017 governor’s and legislative elections. Help educate Maplewood voters about the issues that will be at stake in the election.

If you are interested in learning more or getting involved, please email us at MaplewoodisGreen@gmail.com.  


Green Team

The Maplewood Green Team has also set their goals for 2017.  *Coming Soon*

Banner photo courtesy of Kathryn Huang Photography