The Environmental Advisory Committee has been exploring a project along the banks of the Rahway River spur.  Conceived to join parallel projects under way in both South  Orange (for more information on which, check out the Township of South Orange's River Corridor Project) and Millburn, the idea is eventually to link all three towns with a pedestrian walkway and bikepath.

Although the Maplewood Master Plan contemplates just such a remediation and restoration, fiscal and logistical challenges obviously loom all along the way. For that reason, organizers have been at pains to engage sundry stakeholders in the early vetting process: residents (both near to the river and at large), the Board of Education and New Jersey Transit (both abutting landowners), the Rahway River Association (whose board has become active in the process—go to http://www.rahwayriver.org), and the Township Committee.
Grants from the state and the Open Space Trust Fund underwrote some early environmental and topographical assessments.  In 2010, a Rahway River Corridor Study, which includes a site analysis and recommendations.  
This a long-term undertaking, but one that will beautify our town, bolster property values, and improve recreational opportunities for each and every resident. To get involved, or simply learn more, please contact the Environmental Advisory Committee.


Banner photo courtesy of Kathryn Huang Photography