New Jersey is third in the nation in solar installations, after California.  New Jersey has an Energy Master Plan and the Board of Public Utilities has good goals for renewable energy.  New Jersey has financial incentives for renewables.  Sustainable Jersey™ is the only program in the country right now that has such a high degree of rigor and objective standards.  Virginia has a similar program and California is working on one, but we are in the lead right now, with other states seeking to replicate our Sustainable Jersey™ program for themselves.

There are many programs available in New Jersey.  Here are a few:

COOLAdvantage Program -- The COOLAdvantage Program provides rebates for energy efficient central air conditioners and heat pumps.

Green Acres -- The Green Acres Program was created in 1961 to meet New Jersey's growing recreation and conservation needs. Together with public and private partners, Green Acres has protected almost 640,000 acres of open space and provided hundreds of outdoor recreational facilities in communities around the State.

Home Energy Analysis -- The Home Energy Analysis is an online tool which provides a customized energy audit designed to help you stop losing energy and start saving money.

Home Performance with Energy Star -- Home Performance with Energy Star offers "whole house solutions" to reduce both your energy costs and your carbon footprint.   Learn how to save up to 30% on energy costs and increase the comfort, safety, and durability of your home.

NJ Clean Energy Program -- NJ Clean Energy Program is a statewide program that offers financial incentives, programs, and services for NJ residents, business owners, and local governments to help them save energy, money, and the environment.

New Jersey Comfort Partners --  New Jersey Comfort Partners is a free energy saving and energy education program for qualified low-income customers.

Refrigerator/Freezer Recycling Program -- The Refrigerator/Freezer Recycling Program promotes responsible recycling of refrigerators and freezers and offers cash incentives for doing so.

Solar Water Heater Program -- The Solar Domestic Hot Water Pilot Program offers a $1,200 incentive to NJ residents with electric hot water heating that install qualifying solar hot water systems to replace or to supplement their existing system

Sustainable Jersey™ is a certification program for municipalities in New Jersey that want to go green, control costs and save money, and take steps to sustain their quality of life over the long term.  Sustainable Jersey™ encompasses issues such as global warming, pollution, biodiversity, land use air and water quality, equity, buying local, local living economies, and sustainable agriculture.

WARMAdvantage -- The WARMAdvantage Program provides rebates for high efficiency natural gas home heating systems and/or water heaters.