Maplewood Green Initiatives Update

Maplewood achieved Silver Certification in the Sustainable Jersey program on November 15, 2016.  This is the second time that Maplewood has achieved Silver status in the Sustainable Jersey program and the third time it has been certified, as certification must be renewed every three years.

The Township is proud of initiatives it has undertaken to increase public awareness and decrease its carbon footprint.  They include:

  • Public electric vehicle charging stations installed

  • Ordinance restricting leafblower usage

  • Energy Aggregation program which reduces costs and increases renewable energy use for residents

  • Energy audits of all main buildings

  • Upgraded lighting for energy efficiency in the Municipal Building, the Public Works building and Memorial Library

  • LEED Certification for our Police and Courts building

  • Replaced old traffic signals with LEDs, saving 2/3 of the electricity used

  • Upgraded street lighting to reduce their overall electricity use by 40%

  • Weekly curbside recycling pickup

  • Participation in a cooperative buying agreement for cheaper and greener energy for our buildings

  • Share electronics recycling with South Orange

  • Sponsorship of Green Day and Green Month activities

  • Installation and maintenance of an organic turf field at De Hart Park

  • Prohibited the use of Round Up and other chemical pesticides in our parks and around our buildings

  • Prohibited the smoking of cigarettes and cigars in our parks

  • Designated as a Tree City USA

  • Use bio-diesel in our jitney buses

  • Use of green cleaning products in our facilities

  • Purchase of hybrid vehicles when replacing Township fleet vehicles

  • Promotion of Community Gardening through the use of Township property

  • Established Anti-Idling Ordinance

  • Promoting a Farmers Market

  • Established an Environmental Advisory Committee

  • Established a Green Team

The Township of Maplewood website has many useful links, among them:

Department of Public Works:  The Department of Public Works, or DPW, has a variety of programs of interest, from tree permits to treecycling (removal of Christmas trees), from leaf collections to snowplowing, and from the Jitney to recycling and stormwater regulations.  There's a lot of helpful information on the DPW page.

Farmers Market:  The market will be held at the Indiana Street Municipal parking lot adjacent to Springfield Ave. The hours of operations will be from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

Opening market day will be June 3rd and the market season will conclude on November 25th. For more information, go to the Farmers Market page on the township website.

Maplewood Loves Wellness:  The role of Maplewood Loves Wellness is to help residents explore the many options available locally and to enhance all aspects of their health and well-being.  During Wellness Week, we are offering residents the opportunity to learn about programs such as exercise, health, and nutrition - right in their hometown - that will help them make smart choices.  Find out more here.